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Welcome to Lotusland, a collection of rose tinted memories about some quaint little plastic cars manufactured by a cottage industry in Norfolk.

If you haven't already guessed, this isn't a professionally produced website but one knocked together by a slightly mad Luddite

And you're getting two sites in one. The original Lotusland site was started in the early 90s when the whole idea of an internet was really rather spiffing and mainly for geeks who oddly tried to use letters as numbers. Normal people didn't bother with such rubbish because, like those silly Apple things, it was never going to catch on.

Lotusland '98 was really a collection of rose tinted tales about our first ventures into Lotus ownership and how in those days you weren't buying a means of transport but a daydream, usually with a collection of old worn out parts and no instructions.

This part of the site is a throwback to the 90s, complete with all the disasters that we called good taste back then. Venture there only if you're sitting down and prepared for a culture shock.

The second version of Lotusland started when we fast forward to 2009 and our heroes (the cars) emerged once more onto the public highways. Almost twenty years on and they are still construction kits with interesting roadside maintenance requirements, but at least now we have mobile phones. Whoever thought Apple would finally come good ?

So there you are, visit the original Lotusland '98 for the rose tinted tales of running what were really old bangers which no sane person wanted, or the swish, modern Lotusland 2016 where they have emerged into the sunshine as the classics they always were.

Please stop laughing, you'll hurt their feelings......